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Online, November 17-19, 2020

The largest startup event of the year

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TechDay Online, on November 17-19, 2020

Network, meet, learn and explore.

Take advantage of state-of-the-art AI powered matchmaking to schedule meetings with the TechDay Online participants most likely to help you succeed -- investors, accelerators, members of the press, corporate innovation teams, developers, engineers, early adopters, and more!

TechDay Online will feature a unique combination of live hours of operation, and on-demand learning and product discovery. "Live" hours each day will include keynote addresses, pitch stages, startup showcases, one-to-one meetings, event-wide networking, and more!

"Discovery" hours each day will let attendees from all over the world visit exhibitor booths, request meetings, and explore a library of video on demand content at the TechDay Talks Learning Center.

Who Should Exhibit?
Whether you’ve only just launched your startup or have grown into a household name, exhibiting at TechDay gives you access to the resources you need to succeed! By building out a highly curated audience, exhibiting is the most efficient and effective way to gain investment, hire top talent, get attention from major media outlets, create partnerships, gain users, and so much more!

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Who Should Attend?
Looking for the next big thing in tech? How about premier access to the startup everyone’s talking about? Or simply want to explore everything this startup scene has to offer? Whether you’re an investor, member of the press, user, developer, job seeker, corporate or someone in between, attending TechDay gives you an exclusive look into today’s latest and greatest tech with direct access to the startups & partners making it all happen.






Why Attend

Schedule at a Glance
Each day TechDay Online will host a series of “live” hours dedicated to live, interactive meetings and product demonstrations. The rest of each day (and night, for that matter) will feature “discovery” hours when the digital expo hall as well as the TechDay Talks video on-demand learning center will be open for exploration and learning.

DURING “Live” hours

you can visit exhibitors at their booths (stands) for live product demos and one-to-one meetings. You can also use this time to take advantage of our AI powered matchmaking service to schedule live video or chat meetings with exhibitors, sponsors, and other event attendees.

You are welcome to attend live hours during all three days of the event. Given that TechDay Online serves a global community, “live” hours will be at different times each day, so no matter where you are there should be live hours that are convenient for you.

DURING “Discovery” hours

you can visit the exhibit hall any time, day or night to see exhibitor information, download collateral material, and even request a follow-up meeting the next day, when the booth is staffed. And, if you register for TechDay Talks, you can also use these hours to visit the on-demand learning center to see presentations by industry experts and thought leaders.

Create a schedule that works for you and let’s you take advantage of all that TechDay has to offer -- no matter where you are, or when you are ready to explore.

We think you’ll find that this unique combination of both “live” and “discovery” hours at TechDay Online will make this the most innovative, impactful TechDay yet!

Blake Bland Community Manager
Testimonial profile company logo01
"Tech Day was awesome. There is a huge surge of energy around the tech and entrepreneurship community, and you could feel that at the venue. Attending Tech Day is always a great experience for IVY. We are always on the lookout for great talent to join our community; between the attendees and the individuals working booths, there's never a shortage of great minds and fantastic people."
Katie Rooney Marketing
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"TechDay NY was so productive for us last year, because we had several deals result from it. The ROI was better than any other event we attended last year, because the upfront investment was so affordable, and we got more sales than we usually do at events."