Yoto - A Clever Speaker for Kids
Company Overview

Yoto is a carefully curated library of audio content from children aged 2-8 with our own clever speaker.

Inspired by Montessori principles (as well as the cassette players of our youth), Yoto is an audio player that works with physical cards to give children back control over what they choose to play.

At its heart, Yoto is a modern take on a children’s Hi-Fi, with the clever stuff that comes from being ‘connected’, but without the concerns that come with open access to the internet.

Yoto plays a wide range of content: from favourite nursery rhymes and songs to get the kids dancing, to classic stories from authors like Roald Dahl, as well as podcasts and radio from around the world.

From learning the alphabet with phonics, and practising scales on the piano, to sound-effects for role-playing and acting out - Yoto is smart, but safe, and lots of fun, and we’re proud to show you what it can do.

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