Ultra non-contact tool that blends with the landscape and can be read from 700 feet away
Company Overview

"We are the developer of the spatial link ""XPAND Code"" and related services. It has an elongated shape that blends perfectly with the landscape and surrounding designs.

Well-suited for long distances, it has successfully been read from over 700 feet away in tests at Japan's largest soccer stadium. The XPAND Code can be used in conjunction with the QR Code, and by dividing the roles of the QR Code for short distances and the XPAND Code for long distances, it smoothly connects space and objects with smartphones.

XPAND Code is a tool born out of our experience in designing information for the Tokyo Metro and other public transportation in Japan. Currently, it is being used in sports, smart cities, digital signage, restaurants, hotels and clinics, etc. In Japan, it is most popular with restaurants, and is utilized in over 2,400 locations spanning all prefectures.

Last year, we were selected by the Japanese government, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and other entities, to participate in exhibitions and business meetings in Germany, China and Indonesia. We have been promoting the use of our products globally, mainly in Asia and Europe, and this is the first time we will be exhibiting in North America."