“We’re bringing the social back to social media by providing only relevant content, fueled by real life interactions.”
Company Overview

Social media is not social. Everybody knows that. Users showcase their alter egos, tailor their profiles, and collect followers by the dozen with each quote, photo, and video they share. Content is recirculated and irrelevant. The drive behind social media is antisocial, singular, and leaves users reflecting on themselves, not others. We want to change that. We want people to focus on who they’re with, who they’re next to - the people who matter. With is looking to bring the social back to social media. For the first time people will be able to tell the world who they’re with - in real time, in real places. With’s interface creates a network which is real, social, and relevant. By keeping the entire network in a “Physical Input Boundary,” With creates the first truly social social network.

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