VisasQ Inc.
Connecting Insights and Aspirations Across the Globe
Company Overview

VQ (VisasQ) is providing an expert network service / knowledge sharing platform with more than 100,000 advisors internationally from Japan. We help clients by connecting them with our advisers who have insights and perspectives on various subject matters. Consultation requests are one-time, typically 1 hour by phone. We enable and enhance innovation across the globe by creating the world's best platform that maximizes the value of knowledge and opinions obtained from experience, and seamlessly aggregates and shares them as insights beyond boundaries of organizations, generations and regions. As our value #1 is:”Think Big and Global.”, VQ has been constantly developing its global capabilities with advisors from 120 countries, and we are connecting insights across the globe with interviews set up with advisors from 40 countries. Through the establishment of VISASQ SINGAPORE PTE. LTD in April 2020, we’re growing our overseas business by increasing our global network of advisors, with a focus on the Southeast Asia region. Also, in July 2020, we have formed a capital and business alliance with DeepBench, a US Tech Startup from MIT, to accelerate overseas growth by further strengthening ability to search and match advisors especially in the US and Europe