Verde Circle
Verde Circle puts more green in your business
Company Overview

Verde Circle develops cloud-based SaaS solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Our first product is Thriii, which addresses the most common pain points that every product commerce business encounters: how do you manage your inventory, orders, and accounting to avoid backorders, lost sales, and cash flow constraints?

For companies looking to avoid lost sales, stock outs, inventory headaches, double (and sometimes triple, or worse) entry of information across multiple system, Thriii helps seamlessly sync it all together with minimal effort using a powerful yet easy to use and intuitive user interface.

Thriii offers SMBs anytime/anywhere cloud-management of their supply and demand channels by automating Order processing, implementing Best Practice Fulfillment and Warehousing Procedures, and simplifying every invoicing scenario imaginable. Thriii saves companies time in every aspect of their operations.

Our subscription model makes it easy for businesses of all sizes and maturity to match their required functionality with whatever budget they may have. Plus, we love startups and have packages available for our fellow startups.