Valor Connect
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Company Overview

We're excited to announce that we will be launching our Android app at Techday!

VALOR CONNECT is the brainchild of an ex-Goldman entrepreneur looking to shake up the way people approach networking within large communities and at events. We believe opportunities exist if you know where to look, but recognize that finding the "right" person is often incredibly challenging and time-consuming. We help college students and professionals find great new opportunities through connections they can effortlessly make on the app.

VALOR CONNECT simplifies the process of making new professional connections by removing nearly all of the steps and roadblocks traditionally associated with the "networking" process. Instead of trying to bump into as many people as possible at an event or inefficiently surfing an online directory, VALOR allows users to input information about who they are professionally and the type of people they're interested in meeting, all in the form of tags - no typing necessary.

From there, the app presents the most professionally compatible matches one-by-one in a "pile" on user's phones (like a deck of cards). All the user has to do is swipe right to anonymously indicate interest in chatting.

When there's mutual interest, a match forms, both parties are notified, and a chat conversation is started right in the app.

We have multiple verticals, including alumni networks, corporations, organizations & large events. We're happy to speak about each market more in depth.

We've raised over $950,000 as well as $200,000 in-kind and have a team of 11 people in different capacities, including a 5-person dev team.

Our app launched to the app store in early September and we're growing rapidly. We work with colleges and event organizations as well.