“Don’t Ask a Search Engine. Ask a Student.”
Company Overview

UpperClassmen.co is a collegiate micro-mentorship platform. Through our platform we connect prospective college students with current college students to discuss the unique experience and culture at every school.

On our platform, students will be able to discuss a wide variety of topics about college. "How are the dorms?" "How challenging was the transition from high school to college?" And much more! For prospective students, this is an amazing opportunity to get insight from their peers, who they can relate to.

Current college students will get rewarded for not only speaking with prospective college students, but also for pulling prospective students to the platform. Current college students are very involved with social media and have direct access to their peers a few years younger. In addition, these younger peers trust and look up to these current students. These current college students will be unofficial ambassadors of their particular university, and will have the ability to help the next class of college students.

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Jun 12, 2015