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Speed and accessibility to information is critical for any business, but these 2-factors need to be tightly and securely controlled. Creating a secure information environment and a mean to effectively manage access for you and your customers is the starting point of any digital transformation project / operating model. Moreover, it’s a must for compliance with data security and privacy regulations.
UNLOQ gives you these very foundations. With solutions for identity registration, multi-factor authentication, different types of data encryption, flexible access rights management & data structures we have the solutions. UNLOQ helps organisations unify and secure data currently kept in silos while providing an intuitive user experience. Respecting user rights like data portability & erasure, consent management and transparency constitute basic principles we consider in any product decision.
Through application translation & customisation for both mobile & web user interfaces and private instance deployments, UNLOQ addresses data residency concerns and offers an end-to-end custom branded user experience.

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