Company Overview

Car owners: Make yours a connected car and reap the benefits of connected car technology to save money, improve safety and have fun!
Local businesses: Delight your loyal customers with our on-demand marketing platform!

Tracars effortlessly brings you the latest connected car technologies to your phone and PC. It is a complete automobile solution that uses fleet management techniques to improve the fuel economy and maintain your high value assets in top order. Remember that vehicles – whether for personal or business use – are the second most expensive investments you make and getting the best out of them is both your and our aim.

Tracars' devices plugs into OBD port of most modern cars. Why not start with the free Android mobile app to explore various helpful vehicle tracking and performance monitoring features? There are different models from phone-based to completely automatic devices to send the data from the car to a database which you can access anywhere, any time.

You can easily manage many practical aspects related to owning and operating vehicles such as expenses, service scheduling, reminders, real-time tracking, etc at no additional cost. It is an electronic logbook that goes with you wherever you want and grows with you!

Local business owners can advertise and send offers to their loyal customers using our platform.

Along the way, the analytics we provide you will help you save money and time. As we grow, we want to bring you time and cost-saving offers directly to you from your local area! So, join us for an exciting future by making the best use of your vehicles!

Key features:
- Access through mobile & web apps
- Account management
- Vehicle management
- Expenses and cost tracking
- Trip tracking (GPS)
- Video recording (Dashcam)
- Send location via SMS/email
- Allow tracking by your clients/family/friends
- Multiple settings for personalization
- Quick reports for mobile
- Complete analytics in web app
- Get local offers
- Reminders by email & app notification

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