Pocket change for the internet, and the token of your appreciation online.
Company Overview

Pocket change for a busker, a collection box, a newsagent. Offline, it’s easy.
But online, how do you say ‘thanks’ for free software, ‘keep it up’ to a blogger, or pay for a single article?
Time for change. Time to reward the things and the people we appreciate. Time to tib.

Online tipping has to be as mentally easy as dropping some imprecise number of arbitrary coins into the guitar case of an anonymous busker with a small audience. But the digital world doesn't do ‘imprecise’ or ‘arbitrary’, transactions need to have a precisely defined value.

We've built an ‘online change pocket’ containing pre-purchased tokens-of-appreciation, each having the same preset value, chosen by the individual user to be small enough for them to give readily without a second’s thought, but also large enough to mean something. Once set, tipping online becomes as cognitively and practically trivial as it is with pocket-change offline, perhaps even more so. But it's not just tipping. Since the revenue is the average token value, multiplied by the number of tokens received, with a community of users who have paid for tokens that carry meaningful value, publishers can take single tokens as payment, offering access commensurate with the average value of the tokens received.

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