The Playdate App
Playdate is a location-based mobile app that caters to dog owners and uses the common interest in dogs to create real life interaction between users.
Company Overview

Playdate is a one stop mobile application which facilitates dog and owner meet ups in a new, easy and fun way.
The app allows users to swipe through the profiles of dogs in your surrounding area, and set up playdates at a given time and place. The good news is that it also features the profile of the owner.  Saw prince charming walking his golden retriever at the park? The hot girl with her Labrador at the beach?  They might just be a few clicks away… think Tinder for dog owners!
Users can also easily share pictures of their dogs’ latest adventures on the newsfeed and will find all the standard features that they could expect from a social app, such as friend lists and instant messaging. 

After all, a dog has always been a great conversation starter!