The Eternal Planet
Honor & Remember loved ones in a shared virtual world
Company Overview

Dealing with the death of a loved one is perhaps the hardest part of life. It is something that we each experience in our own unique way. To help cope with this experience, we have created The Eternal Planetâ„¢, a serene and beautiful world in which to honor and remember our loved ones forever.

The Eternal Planet is a shared virtual world where you can dedicate natural elements, wildlife, and unique monuments to loved ones memorializing them in a timeless place. You can also discover dedications created and shared by other people.

We hope that The Eternal Planet will allow people to appreciate their loved ones in a new way, one that is more in line with their digital lifestyle and, if desired, accessible by a broader audience or community. We also hope that it will allow past and future generations to connect with each other in new and interesting ways.

The Eternal Planet is still in development and seeking funding, but we invite you to watch our preview video on

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Apr 11, 2017