Tanktwo - Electric Car Batteries
Bye, range anxiety!
Company Overview

Tanktwo does Electric Car batteries very differently. The company’s “String Battery” can go from 0 to 100% charge level in under 3 minutes, yet a typical battery costs 20 to 50% less than a traditional EV pack.

The breakthrough is the “String Cell”, thousands of which make up a pack. Shaped like a small egg, smart and flexible, they turn the concept of a battery pack on its head. For example, pumping String Cells with moving air is easy and quick. Increasing pack capacity is trivial. Old an new cells mix perfectly fine.

Thousands of String Cells work together in an constantly adaptive network, much in the same way as the internet changes continuously. Distributed computing made mainframes obsolete - smart and distributed batteries will do the same for the monolithic battery pack.

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