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t3 interactive (t3) has introduced PresentR, the Rosetta Stone for non-verbal communication skills. Our innovative software solution uses sensor technology to read the user’s body, listen to their voice and provide real-time, quantitative feedback.
Company Overview

According to a study done in 2011 by management consulting firm, Towers Watson, companies that have leaders who are highly effective communicators had 47% higher returns over the past 5 years compared to those led by poor communicators. In fact, 83% of HR managers cite communication as the single most critical skills for leaders. However, most people don’t realize that in order to effectively communicate, they must be fluent in TWO languages: their conversational language and the language of non-verbal communication (elements such as volume, eye contact and body language). Research shows that 93% of our message is communicated through how we look and sound rather than the content we are sharing. Everyone is fluent in reading nonverbal language but very few can speak it. This lack of fluency is not surprising as no one is teaching the language of non-verbal communication. All the training solutions today focus heavily on content and only barely – if, at all - touch on the critical non-verbal elements. As a result, there is a dire skills gap in the workforce that is costing American business upwards of $37B per year.

For the first time, we are introducing a technology-based solution that focuses on the skills that all other training leaves behind. PresentR operates on a SaaS platform that is cost-effective for organizations, scalable and includes the elements that science has proven is necessary for skills acquisition – real-time, objective feedback to provide learners with the right guidance to improve, opportunities for practice towards mastery and, most importantly, quantitative metrics to allow users to track their performance.

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