Killing off the work phone
Company Overview

Swytch provides the ability to have multiple numbers on one phone.

Swytch is an elegant solution that solves the problems of both the BOYD and "company provided phone” policies for businesses of all sizes. We’re innovating the mobile operator service provided to businesses, and our goal is to kill off the work phone.

With Swytch, companies can give employees work mobile numbers that exist on the their personal device - the employee doesn’t have to change their phone, network or SIM card. Our service allows the employee’s existing device to have multiple numbers (mobile and landline) attached to it, through which they can make and receive calls and texts. These "work" numbers and calls are controlled, paid for and owned by the company.

There are significant savings for companies (about £300 per employee per year), who no longer have to pay for mobile devices, high monthly rental fees and commit to long term contracts. For employees, they no longer need to carry around two phones, they don’t have to give out personal contact details for work, and they don’t have to pay for their work related communication.