We're a B2B marketplace for the commercial and industrial wholesale industry that connects buyers, distributors and manufacturers online.
Company Overview

Introducing SupplyHub, a direct competitor to AmazonSupply and Alibaba whose directive is to save the distribution industry instead of destroy it…

Sam Sinai and Jeff Bezos share the same vision; to innovate the 8 trillion dollar wholesale distribution market. But that’s where their similarities end. While AmazonSupply seeks to cut distributors out of the revenue stream altogether, Sinai has created SupplyHub, a marketplace that aims to utilize the country’s entire distribution infrastructure to allow this uniquely American industry to thrive.

Sinai is in a unique position to understand the supply chain. A manufacturing trailblazer who remains consistently ahead of the curve, Sinai pushed into LED lighting ten years ago and 3D printing five. Now, he and co-founder Ben Pouladian hope to bring the same innovative yet personal touch to wholesale distribution.

From his 100,000 square foot headquarters in Commerce, CA, Sinai has assembled a team of engineers, marketing professionals and support specialists to build the SupplyHub platform from the ground up. Utilizing the latest software, SupplyHub is designed to scale quickly, allowing distributors of all sizes to compete directly against e-commerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba.

SupplyHub will launch initially in electrical distribution, then expand into other channels including HVAC, plumbing, automotive parts, appliances and office supplies. Eventually, the platform will encompass all of wholesale distribution.