Digital Tasks, Super Fast!
Company Overview

Supertasker's vision is to be your 'Digital HelpDesk in the Cloud', allowing you to outsource and manage high volumes of small tasks, super fast, to a pool of curated experts.

Unlike with existing marketplace models where there is a lot of friction in selection, price setting and delivery, Supertasker uses intelligent algorithms to route the work to the most suited available taskers with a proven track record, so the work starts immediately. Delivery is time-boxed so you only pay for results, and price is set dynamically based on availability and demand in real time.

The goal of Supertasker is to be your digital hub, a one-stop-solution for all tasks digital : from content production, editing and distribution across all digital channels. To make this easier Supertasker has API integrations with popular cloud solutions like Magento, Shopify, Dropbox and more, so you can pull in content easily, edit it, and push it back out seamlessly.