Spare Inc.
What if hunger ended with you?
Company Overview

SPARE is a smartphone application that allows New Yorkers to automatically round up their dine out bills to the nearest dollar to support local hunger relief efforts. Just $0.99 can help feed 4 New Yorkers! Users can round up anywhere, but users who round up at partner locations receive rewards for giving to those in need - free drinks, food, and $ discounts. Our goal is to inspire New York City to close it's own meal gap. Currently, there are 235 million missing meals throughout the 5 boroughs each year. It might seem like a tall order to bridge this meal gap, but simple math tells us that if 10% of New Yorkers each round up for a total of $6.00 a month, we can close the meal gap in one single year. New York can close it's own meal gap and create history - with a minimal contribution from its residents!

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