Social High
It's always 4:20 when you're connected with smoke buddies worldwide.
Company Overview

Social High allows you to build a social circle with friends and connect with new ones in your area that share the same passion for cannabis you do. Review strains, discuss medicinal breakthroughs, share your personal experiences, discover events in your area and connect with fellow bud connoisseurs.
Explore Strains - Powered by Leafly, the explore strain feature allows you to find medical information on your favorite strains and discover the newest strains being cultivated. Share your favorite strains to your profile and connect with others who share the same interest and medical conditions.

Explore Interests - Explore the list of interests and post to your profile to connect with others who share your same passions.

Connect - Connect with cannabis enthusiasts and medicinal patients in your local area to share personal experiences, either publicly on the WeedCast or privately through our secure direct messaging platform.

Educate - Keep up to date with local events, seminars, conventions, schools, news, and medical advances as we continue to educate the community about the health and economic benefits of Cannabis.

Get Involved - Locate and network with political activists in your community to join the fight to end prohibition.