Shufflrr is Presentation Management
Company Overview

Shufflrr is Presentation Management. Shufflrr's slide library visualizes all your files and slides and makes it is easy to find the exact, approved slide you need, when you need it. Drag-n-drop to make a new deck. Shufflrr makes every stage of the the presentation workflow more efficient.

Presentations are a vital element of the marketing mix, but they are often overlooked. They are created for a single meeting with vital knowledge embedded within the slides. But after the meeting, they get lost somewhere on your network. One and done. A resource wasted. Shufflrr brings all of the mission critical information hidden within those slides out into the open where your team and find and re-use it. Shufflrr leverages your investment in brand and message, it ensures compliance and it makes everyone more productive and effective. Shufflrr is presentation management.

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