See Jane Go, Inc.
Women. Driven.
Company Overview

See Jane Go, is a uniquely feminine ride hail start-up that improves access for women to the benefits of ride-hail services by creating a safer more comfortable ride and flexible income earning opportunities. Similar in concept to Uber,/Lyft in that we get people from point A to point B by utilizing an app, but that is where the similarities diverge.
In the ride-hail industry, we believe some of the focus on technology and efficiencies have taken away some of the old-fashioned values that women cherish. See Jane Go includes these cherished values into our service offering and company culture; simplicity, long term relationships, scheduling ahead, contractors who value their business beyond just a “gig” or “side hustle”, and deep connections to your local community.
See Jane Go has been operating in Orange County, CA since last fall as our Beta Market and have received an amazing response from the media, riders, drivers, and other businesses that support our efforts.
We have just started our Series A fundraising efforts, planning to expand quickly across Southern California.
Hail, Yes!