SchoolKeep is an online learning platform that helps educators and businesses create and manage entire online schools with learning management, eCommerce, website building and marketing tools.
Company Overview

Founded in 2013, SchoolKeep is an online learning platform that allows any educator to create an entire online school within minutes. As a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, we give these educators the tools and flexibility they need to create and sell courses online.

The SchoolKeep platform brings learning management capabilities, eCommerce tools and website building functionality into one easy-to-use solution, so educators wanting to start online teaching businesses don’t have to piece together expensive and complex solutions.

When it comes to instruction, we offer an intuitive course builder, laden with options for laying out course content, multimedia assets and assessments, while remaining flexible enough to let you and your school’s instructors teach your way. We also offer marketing tools like coupons and easy social media integration, and even list our educators’ courses on popular online course directories to maximize their exposure.

Educators receive payments directly from students, too, whether they’re selling a la carte courses or school-wide subscriptions. And last but not least, our users retain full access to their students’ data, so they can keep track of activity and reach out to enrollees personally.

By providing a flexible solution for a wide array of educational needs, we help academic instructors, independent subject matter experts, and training companies flourish without ever leaving the platform. Current and future educators are creating the schools they’ve always wanted with SchoolKeep.