Manage your guest's experience (or let us!). Down to the byt.
Company Overview

Ribyt is the first ONE STOP solution (DIY or full service) for event planners that want to create, customize and manage different guest/attendee experiences within the same event. (Think CVENT, but with a much easier interface and a drastically better look + feel for the guest/attendee). Ribyt allows users to build, manage and track invites, registration, travel, accommodations, tickets, credentials, guest lists, communication, on-site check-in (using the Ribyt app) and much more. Every guest/attendee receives a personalized digital itinerary that can be dynamically updated as things change.

Advanced features include ticket and package sales, mobile wallet credentials, RFID tracking, a mobile assistant (giving guests/attendees real-time updates throughout the event), and flight booking within the platform.

Company URL
www. ribyt.com