Remember the important people you meet.
Company Overview

Rememorate helps you remember the important people that you meet. It’s a contact management and personal CRM app with a focus on easily retrieving and finding their info, even if you can’t remember their name.

It all starts with a photo -- take a selfie with them, a pic of their business card, or even an object that reminds you of them. It becomes a visual cue to trigger your memory.

Our Mission

Everyone wants to be good at names, but few people are. We give you tech tools that leverage psychological techniques, to make it easy for you to remember. And remembering someone's name is the first step towards a meaningful relationship with them.

Rememorate stores your address book the same way your brain does, through associations. The more those associations are made, the more likely you are to remember someone without actively needing to reference them.

The more you use Rememorate to find who you are looking for, the less work you'll need to do to find them again. Rememorate helps your brain solidify those connections while keeping all their info ready just in case you need a quick reminder.

Want to do some memory hacking? Rememorate includes a memory and brain training game using your contacts so you can keep everyone's names and faces fresh in your mind.

Download now to see why Rememorate is the smartest way to remember names and form meaningful relationships.