Pyne is a second generation conversation platform that allows people to ask, answer, and discuss questions in real time with people all over the world through its app and a platform for publishers.
Company Overview

Pyne is changing the way people engage with the world around them. At the beginning of 2014 we set out to build a simple way for people to ask each other questions. After launching in June of 2014 and receiving a very strong positive response we knew we had something special. From there it has grown into both a mobile app that is available on iOS and Android operating systems as well as a tool for publishers to embed polls into their websites and blog posts. What makes Pyne different is our focus on conversation and data visualization. On Pyne people are able to direct questions to guys, girls, or the population at larger. Similarly, people can also filter question asked to the population by guys and girls in order to see how those groups’ answers differ. These sorts of insights often lead to engaging conversation and we are focused on making that experience even better. The embedded polling dashboard is something we are very proud of launching. This dashboard allows anyone with access to build and embed polls in their website, blog, or even their app. We are excited about this because while there are many polling platforms available, there is a relationship between the app and the dashboard that is tremendously synergistic. Pyne is growing, we’re hungry, and looking to grow even faster in 2015. In a world where Instagram is for pictures and Twitter is for thoughts and updates; Pyne is for questions.

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