Prayer Spark
Bringing support to the vulnerable, and resources to the needy
Company Overview

PrayerSpark ( for B2C; for B2B) is ranked one of the 50 top startups in the world by, and one of the top 100 by Red Herring.

We are a B2B, SaaS company in the healthcare space, with key Addiction Recovery and Hospice channel partners for our clinical apps in place (PTSD, Occupational Therapy, Corporate Wellness/Stress Reduction, Campus Stress Reduction and more).

Uniquely, we bring to these areas interfaith-religious and non-religious spiritual support, entirely within private communication silos. The first app, appearing this summer is for Addiction Recovery. The app is a clinical white label app, with unique features, that leaves branding and control entirely with the Rehab center.

Key team members are: Michael Feder, founder (one of only 4 American Finalists for Freedom of Religion in Business Award:; Dr. Daniel Saurborn, co-founder (Chief Wellness Officer, Harvard-trained MD and leading telemedicine physician and app builder); Dr. Michael Kuhar (world-leader in brain science and addiction), Christina Aldan (CMO, TEDx speaker); Dr. Frank Kaufmann (Activist, world leader in religion and and peace); and Jez Harper (CTO).

Tackling the massive growth of addiction in the US, and its 92% relapse rate takes a village. We have assembled the village... The world agrees this approach is needed:

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