Email - Personalized. Engaging. Relevant.
Company Overview

Ready to put relevant and engaging content to work for your etail marketing email campaigns? With DynamicMail by PowerInbox, it’s as simple as a quick copy-and-paste of an HTML snippet into any existing email template. PowerInbox does the rest, delivering attention-grabbing, customized-on-the-open content that engages customers and drives more clicks, engagement and conversions. With our automated, user-friendly system, all it takes is a single configuration to deliver mass personalization at any scale with just a few clicks.

Tired of “Batch and Blast” same-static-message-to-everyone email marketing? PowerInbox will make you a RELEVANT marketer through dynamic personalization of your email campaigns. Dramatically boost engagement by bringing real-time personalized content, such as product carousels, video, device & geo targeting and Instagram, Twitter and RSS live feeds to otherwise ordinary email programs. Today, PowerInbox is embedded in 2+ billion emails sent per month across a range of clients and verticals. The company is headquartered in New York City.