PK Fitness
Any Level. Any Activity. All Effort.
Company Overview

PK Fitness is an innovative new product that captures effort during any workout activity. In PK Fitness, it’s not how far or how fast, it’s how hard you workout.

PK Fitness is an effort based activity tracker and social network. PK Fitness is a simple, easy to use workout journal that displays real-time effort during any activity. PK also tracks workout attributes such as type of activity, duration, distance, pace, geographic location, and calories burned. Under the hood, PK Fitness uses proprietary algorithms to determine effort that is uniquely calculated for each user. Best of all, the more you use PK Fitness, the smarter it becomes about your capabilities and the more precisely it is able to calculate, record, and ultimately guide your fitness journey.

PK Fitness is a social platform that encourages interaction with friends, family, and the broader fitness-minded community. PK Fitness can also be utilized for group training such as in crossfit, spin classes or sports team training. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or simply trying to improve your overall fitness level, tracking your effort with PK Fitness is the key to achieving results!

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