Personal Style Finder
Dressed not Stressed
Company Overview

Founded in 2014 and based in New York City, Personal Style Finder is evolving the way that professional women dress. By providing women access to professional personal stylists, we provide services that have previously been reserved for society’s elite.
Research shows that women spend an average of 20 minutes every morning trying on clothing to wear resulting in only 25% satisfaction rate in the outfit they've chosen.
Personal Style Finder set out to eliminate wasted time in the morning and to give women the confidence in their outfit that they deserve, to take on the day. We believe that there is no substitute for a world-class stylist to meet with clients in person and get to know them. We pair women with a professional personal stylist of their choosing and provide a platform where they can re-build and optimize their current wardrobe, create a virtual look-book of outfits and ultimately receive a stylist-curated outfit every morning before work.