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Pedal is the fitness discovery app offering on-demand fitness access to more than 300+ boutique gyms and fitness studios near you. Discover fitness that fits YOU!

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Pedal is here to help you pedal your way to fitness success — or run, or walk, or practice yoga, depending on who you are and what you want. Pedal allows users to browse boutique gyms and studios, buy classes for less than a drop-in class costs, and then try out the class before becoming a member. Pedal is free to join for both users and gyms, and they pay gyms each time a customer attends class. Right now, they’re focusing on the San Francisco and New York areas, where they have over 300 gyms in their network and 10,000 gym leads for new partners. Their prototype app is available for iOS and Android, and they plan on continuing to nurture their gym relationships, forming new ones, and bringing fitness to as many people as possible.

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