Stop Looking. Start Parking.
Company Overview

Pay'N'Park is a Mobile Application for drivers who are looking to save time!

It has 2 sides where:

1) Drivers - can find authorized parking spots on the go & book them in real time!
2) Hosts - can list their own parking space/unused piece of land/vacant office space on the app and generate income out of it.

Hosts can even be commercial space owners, govt. entities, Universities or Convention Center/Stadiums who are looking to implement Pay'N'Park solutions and leverage the benefits of real time data & analytics from it.

PS. We provide parking information in real time (NO JOKE!)

How do we achieve that?

By using sensor technology, we report real time parking situation at "X Location" within our app. i.e 170/200 Lots are filled up at "X Mall" - can be seen in the app!

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