Healthcare, transparent.
Company Overview

You hear it all the time — our healthcare system is broken. The US spends more on health care than any other country in the developed world — yet our expenditures don’t translate into improved health outcomes. The system struggles with mass inefficiencies.

Peeling back the layers on billing processes, we realized there was a very obvious issue preventing patients from getting the best possible care — the simple act of getting claims reimbursed isn’t transparent at all. And healthcare providers spend countless hours dealing with complex insurance rules and payment processes — work that does nothing to improve patient care.

We decided to create an alternative to free both provider and patient from the status quo. With our transparent, data-rich benefits and claims platform we’re able to:

1. Equip patients and healthcare providers with knowledge
Few people really understand how health benefits work. We seek to help patients (and healthcare providers) understand benefits, so they can leverage them more effectively.

2. Hold insurance companies accountable
The insurance reimbursement process is not transparent and difficult to navigate. By aggregating data across insurers from thousands of patients, we can create transparency about claims and filings practices and help hold insurance companies accountable.

3. Liberate healthcare providers from insurance companies
As insurance reimbursements dwindle and administrative hurdles increase, healthcare providers are suffering. We seek to help healthcare providers protect their business from inefficiency caused by insurance companies.

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