A lightweight app that reduces cloud computing costs by 25% or more in just 15 minutes.
Company Overview

ParkMyCloud is a simple, lightweight, single-purpose web app that lets you schedule on/off times (we call it “parking”) for any or all of your cloud computing resources so that you pay only for the resources you’re actually using—not the idle resources you don’t need. By doing this, ParkMyCloud can verifiably reduce your cloud computing costs by 25% or more.

An organization spending just $5,000 a month on their public cloud infrastructure can easily save 32% a month using ParkMyCloud’s parking calendars. That’s $19,200 a year!

HOW: SaaS-based. No installation. Just 3 simple steps:

1) Set up your ParkMyCloud account at (Free 10-Day Trial with no credit card required.)
2) Connect with AWS (you'll need your AWS credentials) to discover your cloud computing services
3) Start “parking” your cloud services with scheduled “on/off” times.