OVAL Digital, Inc.
Make Anything Smarter
Company Overview

OVAL is a small, wireless and multi-functional smart sensor that can monitor and detect changes in motion, light, temperature, water and humidity - sending an alert to your phone or email, anywhere in the world.

OVAL offers the most functionality, mobility, customization and alert notifications available in smart home products today.

There's no microphone or camera, and no home integration is required. Sensors can be placed in or on any room, area or object in your home and moved anytime.

OVAL sensors are the most accessible way for renters, property owners, parents, caregivers and others to build a smart home that adds immediate and tangible value to their lives.

From knowing as soon as doors or windows are opened to when there is water detected in the basement, OVAL provides complete awareness, to help improve the safety & comfort of your loved ones, to reduce or prevent damage to your home or property, to conserve energy and save you money.