Ostrato cloudSMâ„¢ enables agile enterprises to rapidly adopt and integrate cloud computing services through a simple, unified user experience.
Company Overview

Ostrato is the developer of cloudSMâ„¢, the easiest to use cloud management platform. We provide visibility and control for enterprises to manage cloud consumption and reduce cost.

We empower IT with a single integrated platform for provisioning, governing and managing all its cloud-based services and applications through a clean, user friendly interface. Our intelligent and automated solution addresses an Enterprises need to centrally broker and manage on- and off-premise cloud services, and IT’s need for Financial and Security Governance over the usage of these resources.

The premise for our cloudSM platform is based on an Enterprise’s adoption and use of cloud services - these can be multiple private and/or public cloud services, and the corresponding challenges created by this hybrid IT approach. There are multiple reasons for an Enterprise to have a multi-cloud strategy; these include interoperability, portability, cost, security, and development environment preferences, to name a few.