More Leads. More Sales. More Commissions.
Company Overview LLC supports three video-based websites:,, and

As a free service, agents can make a property video using their smart phone or tablet, upload the video from their mobile device, and provide buyers a video-based virtual tour on an MLS.

Buyers can search for properties anywhere in the USA and display property attributes, photos, Google maps, Google Street Views, and allow buyers to walk though the property when a video tour is present.

Our patent-pending Interactive Open House Video Tours(TM) allows buyers to decide what to view next on a video tour.

Our patent-pending Open House Multimedia Shows are the first multimedia presentations for real estate properties based on search results. This differs from a list or map of property results.

At the 2014 California REALTOR® Expo, received the following written comments:

“Wow! Really?” – Jessica
“This was my idea. However, this is Genius!!!” – Kama B.
“This concept of high resolution video sounds amazing! I look forward to learning more about this program.” – Sandy L.
“AWESOME!” – Jeri
“Great idea.” - Mark
“Sounds like a great idea. Will save me a lot of time as a property manager.”
“I like the demo on video-based real estate.” – Anonymous
“New way to market yourself that I feel is a great idea. I think it will generate great leads.” – Russ S.
“The YouTube of Real Estate” – Anonymous
“Brilliant! Will definitely use!” – Anonymous
“Wonderful demo!” - Anonymous
“This sounds great!” – Pat S.
“Wow! Willing to try. Thanks!” – Anonymous

To generate revenue, supports zip code and national ads.

John Dempsey, founder and CEO of, said, “We are very pleased with the positive responses we received at the 2014 California REALTOR® Expo. What’s better than five photos for a property? A five minute, narrated video tour containing 9,000 high definition photos that can be paused and viewed at anytime for a property.” supports new ways for buyers to view properties and for agents to generate: More Leads. More Sales. More Commissions.®