Nito, Inc.
Nito is an animation technology company building Apps and software to enhance the relationships between brands and fans to help them be more engaging, fun and valuable.
Company Overview

Mission: To enhance the engagement, fun and value of the relationship between fans and the brands they love.

Nito is an animation technology company. At the core of Nito is a proprietary (patent-pending) face tracking technology that is applied to 3D avatars to animate them in real-time using mobile phones, tablets and computers. The animated avatar mimics a user perfectly.

Nito adds value to the fan-brand relationship from both sides of the equation. PRO software for studios, agencies, sports and brands provides a break-through means of content development to increase fan/customer engagement. For the consumer side the company has also launched a first-of-its-kind animation App that allows users to control 3D avatars using their own facial expressions, movements and voice.

Nito began R&D on the technology in early 2013, founded the company in January of 2014 and closed $615,000 in seed financing in Q2 2014 (a $200,000 bridge financing with current investors is in the process of closing). The company has met substantial technology milestones (v2.0 of PRO software, v2.0 iOS App, v1.0 Android App and v1.0 Mac App). Nito is working on pilot programs with several strong entertainment brands to bring the technology (and business) to life.