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Company Overview

NearSt connects the products in high street shops to people nearby with our hyperlocal search and shopping platform.

Today NearSt is a technology, site and app where you can search millions of products on the shelves of thousands of high street shops in London, with a rapidly growing number of these offering 1-hour delivery and instant collection. We’re making it easier to buy something from a real shop nearby than to order it online.

We do this through a groundbreaking technology platform we’ve developed, called NearLIVE, that enables what we call Real Time Local Inventory. It provides an unique view of where products are stocked in the real world across retailers and enables them to accept on-demand orders, all without needing to add any new hardware or technology in-store. NearLIVE is the foundation for what we believe the future of shopping will look like: both online and local.

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