Makers Brand Inc
Modern Product Life Cycle for Fast Retailing
Company Overview

Maker's Brand is a platform that connects creators to consumers, manufacturers, and retailers to create products for fast retailing.

Creators use our platform to build followers, launch new products, and work with factories from around the world. Creators can also run crowdfunding pre-order campaigns, and scale directly to retailers through our retailer network while keeping 100% ownership with no execution and market validation headaches.

Consumers use our platform to find the latest trends & innovations while supporting their favorite creators. There are special discounts for supporting beta projects during early stages with 100% money back guarantee if the campaign fails as well as being able to submit feedback to help select which products are market ready.

Manufacturers use our platform to work with the best designers and retailers from around the world. They only produce confirmed purchase orders while Maker's Brand handle customer service & logistic.

Retailers use our platform to identify the best products, brands, and market trends vetted by consumers. All products are backed with oversea manufacturing, analytics, social footprint, and consumer data around their individual stores to help them make smarter purchases faster and more cost effective.