Internet services should never come with mystery problems!
Company Overview

Paid Internet Services Should Never Come With Mystery Problems!

Outages.IO is a hybrid between enterprise and consumer level Internet and eCommerce services monitoring. The service empowers consumers, business and IT / MSP personnel by showing exactly where, when and with whom Internet problems are, even if unreported or not admitted to by providers. While higher and higher Internet speeds are being offered, reliability remains a problem for countless people.

With Outages.IO
You will always know if Internet problems are in the building, with the provider or beyond.
You will always know if online servers/services, unmanned locations, IoT devices become unavailable.

For consumers
Outages sites typically post wide scale problems while most of your connectivity issues are probably in your neighborhood or surrounding areas. Outages.IO shows you exactly where the problems are, in your building, with your provider or beyond. No more guessing or having to contact your providers support only to be told to reboot your modem and other things. Download our Windows 7/8/10, Linux 7 agent and start monitoring immediately. Or order our hardware agent for simple 24/7 using only around 1 watt of power. A fast flashing LED will even alert you to potential network problems.

For IT / Tech support
Supported customers can often point the finger at IT or the MSP when services such as VoIP and others stop working. Outages.IO is an inexpensive way of eliminating wasted time looking for problems that have come and gone. Best of all, it shows you (and your customer) exactly where the problems were and who was responsible.

Ecommerce, online services, IoT monitoring>
If you offer online services or have Internet connected devices you need to make sure are up and running, our hosts monitoring service is simple and inexpensive to use. Simply add the host name or IP, the services you'd like to monitor and you will be notified quickly if the server/host or one of its services becomes inaccessible.

For Broadband initiatives
Quickly confirm or eliminate Internet related issues at unmanned locations before customers start complaining. No learning curve, no servers to host and no budget concerns. Add agents one at a time, as needed. Monitor individual locations and/or use in a distributed manner.

For companies with many Internet connections
Outages.IO is perfect for companies that have sensors or equipment in the field, pay for employee Internet connections, have POS systems in many locations, anything that requires reliable Internet can be monitored. Outages.IO can help eliminate finger pointing and other problems when it comes to Internet problems. Our developers can generate custom data for your application if our standard service doesn't have everything that you need. No matter if there are 10 locations or ten thousand, Outages.IO can help.

The dashboard
Lite verbose mode for inexperienced or casual users and detailed for those that want more information.
Plain text shows when, where, how long problems lasted and who was the cause.
At a glance shows details about your agent, LAN IP, public IP, open ports on your network if any and much more.
Use the service at no cost or upgrade at only $5.00/Month (or less for bundles) for advanced details.
Try the demo! https://www.outages.io/demo/

Included with the free service
Dynamic DNS to reach cameras and other devices on your network.
A security scan warns you of unwanted open ports on your network.

Special features when using our hardware agents
Securely access LAN based devices without opening any firewall ports using our RAS feature.
Get some privacy back by using the DNS server that we have built into our hardware agent.
Enable a webcam. Use as a security camera. Especially useful at unmanned , hard to reach locations to take a look around.

Our goals as an exhibitor
We want to tell everyone that they don't have to suffer mystery Internet problems. Outages.IO shows what is going on, where and with whom. By letting your agent run 24/7, you will begin to see trends such as when most of your outages happen along with historical information.

We want to work with companies, communities, broadband initiatives, remote sensing/controls integrator's, anyone that pays for large numbers of Internet connections, that need to know how those services are doing overall. Our data could help get you credits, end finger pointing and even avoid lawsuits with hard data. It could even help when it is time to upgrade or add resources.

Bloggers, press, anyone that is interested in helping us get the word out. The hardest part of our startup is trying to tell the world. Everything is against startups that don't have deep pockets for marketing, advertising, promotions etc. We want to tell consumers about our service and need help doing so.

Drop by our booth for specials and for more information. We'd love to hear from you!
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