Joolies California Superfruit
We take date-ing seriously
Company Overview

Hi! We’re Joolies. We are the farm and have been growing medjool dates for nearly two decades in Coachella, California. Our family farm cultivates 25,000 palm trees and each medjool is hand-picked under the golden sunshine using the most innovative global practices in agriculture. We're also ditching plastic and saying hello to sustainable packaging - something disruptive in the date-ing game. We’re here to celebrate the California Superfruit and bring medjool dates to the forefront of snacker’s minds and not hidden in energy bars or other products.

As a family farm we want to treat our bodies and planet with premium care. We’re the only medjool date grower that’s 100% USDA Organic and 100% Glyphosate (Monsanto) Residue Free Certified by The Detox Project, which means we never use pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

We’re committed to sustainability and say no to plastic! Our packaging is from recycled material and fully recyclable. No more clamshell tubs!

At Joolies, we take date-ing seriously. Always fresh, never dried.

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