Intelligent Voice-First Experiences Your Customers Will Love
Company Overview

Jetson™ is an intelligent "voice-first" commerce platform that delivers a best-in-class buying experience for your brand.

Why Jetson?
Today's voice agents can initiate only the first step of a task, and any subsequent steps require the user to shift to a touch interaction style. Although a good first-step, this existing type of design does not promote a truly passive, accurate, and intelligent experience that end-users seek long-term.

We believe that similar to the mobile browser's "mobile-first" design convention, "voice-first" design centers around the precept that humans and machines should be able to communicate naturally and effectively without the need for a screen. With the rise of conversational AI and IoT devices enhanced with speakers and a microphone, now more than ever does "voice-first" design matter when building next-generation applications.

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