Happy Any Hour
Forget 4 to 7. With Happy Any Hour, create your own personal 60 minute happy hour, when it works for you.
Company Overview

Happy lets you create your own happy hour any time of day. Put simply, it's happy hour on demand.

FOR BARS: We've created a simple, new way to drive traffic around the clock by capitalizing on excess capacity. If you've got empty seats, you're leaving money on the table. We're here to fix that.

FOR USERS: The world of 9 to 5's is changing. We think the world of 4 to 7's should too.
Here's how Happy works:
- Search the app store for "happy hour on demand" and download.
- Find a participating bar or restaurant near you (we've signed on over 100 in NYC).
- Go there.
- Start your countdown.
- Enjoy 60 minutes of personal happy hour bliss.
- When the 60 minutes is up, go back to paying full price