Futur.Bike Kit LLC
Eczo.Bike - New level of freedom with bicycle electrification kit
Company Overview

We provide people with green cost-effective personal transport for work and leisure. We ease car to bicycle substitution for better health, ecology and mobility.
Our electrification kit helps people inexpensively convert their beloved bicycle to powerful e-bike and get to work without traffic jams or swear or just have more fun from mountain biking.
Our kit is universal: using our binding system it can be installed on 80% of existing bicycles. It has powerful motor and 2-stage gear that gives fast acceleration and ability to ride 30 degrees slopes, removable fast-charging capacious battery (570Wh or 1kWh) for 50-80+ km rides. On-board computer offers all the necessary stats needed to control ride and switch between modes. It has USB-socket to charge devices or supply power to flashlight and so on during the ride. Communication module enables remote diagnostics, drivers updates, theft protection and socializing features in mobile app.

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