Foodee is displacing corporate catering by delivering the best restaurants to the best teams: it's group ordering for offices!
Company Overview

Foodee is a platform that connects the best restaurants, the type that don’t deliver, to offices for group meals. Foodee is not a catering company. We leverage restaurants’ excess capacity, add process innovation and our proprietary software tools, and offer our corporate customers better value than caterers. This mean better price, quality, and service. Foodee solves problems for 2 customer segments. 1. The office EA customer - Ordering company lunches is stressful for EAs. Foodee make it easier to order quality meals, like catering, but from a cities’ best restaurants. Our EA’s are ordering company bought meals for staff lunches, overtime meals, and meetings. EA’s top problems are food quality, timeliness, reliability, and cost. Foodee outcompetes corporate caterers on all four of these. 2. The restaurant owner. - For restaurateurs lunch hour is not long enough. Foodee gives restaurateurs large corporate client orders (ave $250) during non peak hours (before noon) thereby doubling their lunch rush revenue. Foodee orders are higher margin (no front of house staff costs), booked with advance notice (24hrs + ) and fulfilled by our 3rd party logistics teams (no extra work)."

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