Company Overview

Festyvent enables touring musicians and their management teams to better connect with their concert and festival fans through collection of contact, demographic, location and proximity data which is used to identify the things that these fans value and what they are willing to pay to access them.

Most artist apps fail to engage fans for more than a few minutes as they have no long term utility and are mostly used as part of a new album launch campaign. Yet most festival apps have great utility as they inform the audience as to what is going on, help them locate their friends, find refreshments and view the merchandise. Moreover they create valuable opportunities for brand engagement which brings sponsor fees to the organiser.

Festvent's white-label Touring App, Content Management System and Data Collection platform provides an artist's fans at each venue with information, content, merchandise and app features that is specific to the show they are attending. This enables uniqueness to be introduced at each performance location to create a more intimate audience experience. This localisable capability not only makes artist-to-fan connections more authentic, it also improves the willingness (conversion rate) of fans to share their details and preferences which enables identification of the things that they value and what they are willing to pay access to them. Moreover artists are not only able to improve the sale of their own content and merchandise, they can also provide access to local partners via the app and be paid placement and transaction fees for purchases made as a direct result of their performance.

At each performance location, fans are encouraged to download the artist’s tour app and select the show that they are going to. When they sign in using social media or an email account they are then able to access features such as adding the show to their calendar, finding their friends at the show, sharing themed photos, their attendance and montage postcards to social media, accessing restricted content based on their proximity to another fan with the app or a specific location or via the on-board sound mixer that contains stems from a track.

Data collected through the app is surfaced in an insight dashboard that enables the artist to see how many fans connected, their locations before during and after the show, the content that they interacted with and the products and services that are of most value.

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