Big Law Partners
Big law counsel at a fraction of big law costs.
Company Overview

Big Law Partners is an alternative model law firm that provides the services of some of the world’s best and brightest attorneys for a fraction of their traditional costs. By eliminating many of the structural inefficiencies that serve to inflate billing rates at the esteemed and traditional model firms that currently employ a majority of the world’s premiere attorneys (i.e., “Big Law” firms), such as trophy office space, junior associate training, and extensive non-professional staff, all while affording our attorneys a highly sought after live-work balance, BLP is able to offer the services of the world’s preeminent attorneys at substantially discounted costs. In addition, Big Law Partners prides itself on reinventing age old law firm practices that unreasonably yield additional expenses to clients, such as attorney billing by increments beyond the nearest minute and premiums charged for costs incurred on behalf of clients. We don’t believe in leveraging industry customs to help drive profitability. We believe in growth driven by superior value.

BLP attorneys on average have over 20 years of law practice experience, all have at least 5 years of law practice experience, and all have previously worked at one of America’s most prestigious law firms (as determined by recognized industry-leading publications, The American Lawyer and Chambers and Partners) or in-house at a Fortune 500 corporation or another industry leading business. They are permitted to work from home and on a part-time basis. In addition, they are not subject to the typical (but often unspoken) pressures from executive management to maximize billable hours in order to help the firm top industry rankings that are based on operating metrics such as revenue per lawyer or profits per partner. Their mandate is simply to provide exceptional and efficient service to BLP clients. These are some of the structural elements that distinguish BLP from traditional “Big Law” firms and some of the reasons why we are able to attract world-class legal talent while pricing our services at a fraction of traditional costs, without compromise to work-product quality.