The only way to predict the future is to have the power to shape it
Company Overview

We care deeply about truth, intelligent decision-making and original ownership of data. Data is valuable, so why not let the users and businesses sell it themselves? Why not let them build reports out of it or add context to add even more value? We also believe that giving a platform for scientists, researchers, non-profits and government organizations to reach the public in vetted, ranked, information-centric ways would be a huge societal improvement.

We want to fix the signal-to-noise problem that the internet has amplified by orders of magnitude. Everyone has a right to be heard, but not everyone is an authority. While Google wants to organize the world’s information, we want to organize & rank the world’s information authorities - and to compensate them for the information they generate. When I search the internet for “climate change”, I want a Level 50 Climate Change Researcher, not a Level 60 Quack.

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