Instant protection for any financial transaction anywhere in the world™ Available in real-time at the point of sale for goods purchased and services rendered.
Company Overview

eBillofSale® is setting the new international standard for instant protection for any financial transaction anywhere in the world™ eBillofSale® is available in real-time at the point of sale for goods purchased and services rendered as the efficient way to transfer ownership.

Here's how we differ from the notorious document signing companies:

#Functionality - Notorious document signing companies were not designed to create electronic documents from mobile devices, in real-time at the point of sale within minutes.

Problem 1 - With notorious document signing companies, a mobile vendor or seller would need to know specific information pertaining to the buyer and have this embedded into a document that's then uploaded to a server and sent out for signing. Unless the seller is the world's best psychic - its impossible to always know who's purchasing your merchandise in real-time at the point of sale prior to the sale. Furthermore, creation of the document is too time consuming from mobile devices.

Problem 2 - There's no generic bill of sale that can be used as an uploaded template because merchandise serial numbers and descriptions and clauses and legal language greatly differ. If you travel and buy merchandise in real-time at the point of sale, the buyer & seller most likely wont have a pre-loaded document filled-in with all pertinent information uploaded into to be sent out for signatures.

eBillofSale® is designed specifically for goods & services and provides users with the ability to create their electronic bill of sale through simple steps!

#Speed - Our users may be shopping at art shows, flea markets, outdoor markets, stadiums etc and may desire or need instant proof of ownership for an expensive art piece or appliance or jewelry for insurance, warranty or legal purposes (as an example). The notorious document signing companies would take too long to create a simple bill of sale for goods bought & sold or services rendered.

#Multimedia - Attach supporting videos, files and photos of the merchandise or service rendered - When a buyer or seller creates their eBillOfSale® at the point of sale in real-time, they can attach any number of supporting materials. This can be warranty info, service records, damage reports, anything.

You can't do this with the notorious document signing company or any other service currently available, especially as it pertains to the instant transfer & proof of ownership.

International Trade - If a buyer is in Washington D.C. and the seller is in Korea, the legal language and dialect in the eBillOfSale® is customized (automatically) for each individual or business as needed for their respective country. The U.S. speaker see's English while the Mandarin speaking Japanese sees Mandarin.

It's impossible to do this with ease using the notorious document signing company. Their business model is designed for users to upload completed documents to be sent out for signing... If you want to buy/sell or barter (trade) something internationally in a foreign language and use the notorious document signing company, you'll first need to find an interpreter, recreate the document, upload it, send it out for signature, then somehow obtain a copy with it signed by both parties legible in each parties' respective native language. That's an exhaustive process. Heaven forbid there's a typo. Then the document would need to be re-edited, re-uploaded, processed and re-sent for signing. eBillofSale® on the other hand is designed to be used in real-time at the point of sale, regardless of the language spoken, and the location of the buyer/seller. It can be edited in the same session.

#Electronic Notarization
Some bills of sale need to be notarized. We are steadily building our own network of notary who can electronically sign the eBillofSale® in real-time eliminating the need for multiple trips to separate locations.

Use cases: Bartering is a very big business ($12bn in the U.S. alone) - When people barter online or in person, they simply trade an item/service. Problem is that 99% of the time, there's no legal documentation of the item which is required by many governments. Used Car Sales must retain paperwork for 7 years. That's harmful to the environment and consumes a lot of space.

Using eBillofSale® a person who's bartering or selling any type of merchandise can create in real-time at the point of sale (or pre-sale by uploading their product inventory), an electronic bill of sale indicating specific details about the merchandise, bought, sold or bartered, that can be electronically signed by both parties and electronically notarized within minutes. Now everyone now has an instant record of ownership completed within minutes, in real-time at the point of sale (or trade) in language specific to each person's dialect thereby increasing the global international trade opportunity. Furthermore, fraud and deception is eliminated as insurance company, warranty, buyer & seller all have an electronic document with the same info.